Dorothy Pond is a Great Pond which is located in Millbury, Massachusetts. According to the following excerpt from The Centennial History of The Town of Millbury Dorothy Pond played an important part in Millbury’s history and the Industrial Revolution:

Dorothy Pond lies in the northern portion of the town between the old road to Worcester and the tracks of the Albany Railroad Branch. This pond as seen from the road is one of quiet beauty. It lies four hundred feet above the sea level and it is the only pond of considerable size that is wholly within the limits of the town.

The earliest name by which this sheet of water was called was “South Pond”. In the Proprietors’ Book the name “Dorothy” early appears as its name, however. Just how this name was received has not been determined. As the spelling of names in the old documents was largely phonetic we find a variety of spellings for this pond such as Dorothy’s, Dorathy’s, Doriat’s, Doritee’s, Dorrity’s, Dority’s, Doriet’s, Dorrety, Doraites. The spelling Dorothy or Dorothy’s is that most found when the handwriting is the best. “Dorothy Pond” and “Dority Pond” are the designations that older families employ the most.

The stream flowing out from Dorothy Pond, like other streams in Millbury is not large, but in coursing a mile and a quarter it has a drop of sixty feet before it enters the Blackstone near the County Bridge.

Dorothy Pond and Dorothy Stream are referenced numerous times in the history book. During the Industrial Revolution several industries that utilized water power were located on Dorothy Stream. Industries such as Buck Brothers, manufacturers of tools were one of the several companies that occupied water privileges on Dorothy Stream.