Please make your check payable to: The Dorothy Pond Watershed Association and mail to: 9 Pond Terrace, Millbury MA 01527

Please note that the regular membership dues collections are done annually.  Compared to other pond & lake association dues, we feel that our dues amount is a very small price to pay to enjoy the many benefits of Dorothy Pond.  Please feel free to mention the annual dues to your neighbors as the number of donors has gone down since the quality of Dorothy Pond has improved. Unfortunately since the pond looks so good many residents have taken deweeding for granted and have neglected to pay their annual dues.  Anyone who can contribute more than the annual dues amount is more than welcome to do so.  Please keep in mind that the Dorothy Pond Watershed Association is a 501C3 private nonprofit corporation and your donation may be tax deductible.  In addition, some employers match donations made by employees to a 501C3 such as our association.

If you plan on voting at the Annual Meeting your dues must be paid prior to voting in accordance with our bylaws (dues can be paid at the annual meeting).  In addition to membership dues, we will continue seeking Business Sponsors.

Regular membership shall be available to waterfront property owners, property owners with deeded water rights to Dorothy Pond, and property owners who are direct abutters to any public access or right of way to Dorothy Pond.  In addition, membership shall include the immediate family members of the aforementioned property owners and the spouses of those immediate family members.

Associate membership shall include any interested resident of Dorothy Pond, the Dorothy Pond Watershed or the Town of Millbury who is not eligible for regular membership.

Sponsor membership shall be granted to any business, corporation, or group that makes financial or in kind contributions to the organization.  Sponsors will be publicly recognized by the organization on an annual basis.